Small Character

ZANASI C.I.J. Small character – Continuous performance and customization

Zanasi continuous ink jet printers are designed and manufactured in the headquarters of Sassuolo, Modena, Italy. The C.I.J. range is suitable for every application and personalization. Font size from 0,8 mm to 14 mm (0,032″ – 0,56″), Zanasi C.I.J. systems can print on several products and primary packaging.

The hardware and software platform of Zanasi C.I.J. printers has been designed for the development of complex, customized and integrated solutions.

Designed for high speed production lines, Zanasi C.I.J. printers provide high quality printing on flat, curved, even or uneven surfaces. They can be used in several industrial environments thanks to the wide range of inks (entirely made by Zanasi) suitable for porous and non-porous substrates.

Zanasi cartridges guarantee low environmental impact and high printing performance. Replacing the ink and make-up (additive) cartridges is rapid, clean and with no printing interruption.

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