Large Character

ZANASI D.O.D Large character – The robustness stands the test of time

Italian quality and reliability in performance, thirty-year experience and innovation make Zanasi large character systems become the conventional coding solution. The well-established solenoids technology allows you to maintain the production standards. It prints perfectly on:
porous and non-porous substrates of cartons, boxes, packages or products like sacks, panels, tubes, pallets, tanks and barrels.

The large character D.O.D. printing systems feature an easy and compact design. The D.O.D. printing systems can manage different printheads with 7, 16, 32 and 48 points and printing height from 7 to 190 mm (0,28″ – 7,5″). The systems can manage up to 16 printheads. They are extremely flexible and adaptable for any production line.
The large character D.O.D. printing systems have a strong stainless steel external casing which can withstands humidity, dusts or high temperatures. The high quality of the inks ensures a uniform and steady coding in any industrial environments.

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