Zanasi Ink Policy

Zanasi is a world leader in the production of industrial inkjet printers and related consumables, which are designed and manufactured according to the laws governing the use of chemical products, to ensure the safety and the health of both operators and users.

In response to the need to protect those who come into direct contact with such products every day, and to allow its own partners and customers to comply with the laws in force concerning the use of its own products, Zanasi took positive action by becoming a member of EuPIA, the European association representing the manufacturers of printing inks, and deciding to adhere to its recommendations.

This institution has always placed great importance on the safety of workers and users, and therefore undertakes to develop strategies to guarantee it. These include the Exclusion Policy, a sort of code that provides for the exclusion of certain raw materials, considered to be harmful to human health, from the formulation of printing inks.

But that’s not all: Zanasi operates in full compliance also with what is laid down in Directive RoHS 2 2011/65/UE, which restricts the use of various substances regarded as dangerous for health and polluting for the environment.

These substances are subject to restrictions because, if released to the environment, they may pose a threat to the health of man and animals, as well as to the environment itself, especially during waste treatment.

Zanasi has recently formalized its own “Ink Policy” through the release of the attached document, which can be freely downloaded, consulted and used, should it be necessary to demonstrate the conformity of Zanasi inks to the above mentioned directives.

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