Z640Plus 3.0: new developments and new Graph e-JET printheads


Z640Plus 3.0 reaches a new stage of its development thanks to the introduction of the exclusive Graph e-JET printheads and of Windows® 10 ‘IoT’ Enterprise operating system!


Available in the versions Graph e-JET 50, with printing height up to 50 mm (2″), and Graph e-JET 102, with printing height up to 102 mm (4″), they differ from the previous GraphJET models because of some significant improvements concerning the engines, which enhance their performance in terms of Contrast, Speed and Distance from the products.

The ink drops’ increased size and improved shape result in a 15% darker and higher contrast print, which is clearer and more readable both to the human eye and to barcode scanners.

The ink jet emission speed has increased up to 50%, so Z640Plus 3.0 system can be integrated even on fast production lines, and is able to print higher horizontal resolution logos and barcodes at the same speed.

Finally, the distance from the products can reach up to 20 mm (up to 6 mm for perfectly verifiable barcodes!), thus reducing the impact of dust, glue and contaminants on the printhead, and turning out to be particularly useful in cases where the printing surface is not guided or not completely flat.


WINDOWS­®  10 ‘IoT’

Added to the technical developments is the technological advance: the new Windows® 10 ‘IoT’ Enterprise operating system installed on the console makes the printer’s operation even more efficient and intuitive, effectively supporting the operator’s daily work.

‘IoT’ = Internet of Things

A huge network in which all the instruments and objects surrounding us are connected and interconnected, for the purpose of automating processes and making everyday activities easier and quicker, providing the user with all the information he needs at any time. Windows® 10 ‘IoT’ Enterprise operating system is specifically developed to meet the future demands and applications of Industry 4.0.

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