Z640 Plus 3.0: new developments


The Zanasi brand technology reaches a further important stage of its development, thanks to the introduction of significant improvements concerning the Z640 Plus 3.0 system. From now on, the new ‘e’ Jet printhead engines will enhance the printer’s performances, allowing it to deliver better printing results and to satisfy new printing requirements.





First of all, the new engines’ installation will lead to an increase in the number of ink drops emitted by the printhead nozzles.

As a consequence, the logos and barcodes printed on cardboard surfaces of any type and color will be 15% darker than the ones obtained with current engines, and the contrast will also be considerably increased.

This will result in improved reading rates and facilitate the development of new marketing solutions.



catenaIn the second place, the ‘e’ Jet engines will affect the ink jet emission speed, increasing it up to 50% in T384 printheads and up to 25% in T768 printheads.

The Z640 Plus 3.0 system will then be able to keep up even with high speed production lines, and to print higher horizontal resolution images.



metro_sartaTo conclude, the throw distance will increase up to 100% (reaching 20 mm) in T384 printheads and up to 20% (reaching 12 mm) in T768 printheads.

This change will turn out to be particularly useful in case the printing surfaces should be not completely flat or guided, and it will allow the system to cover a greater number of applications. It will also have the advantage of reducing the impact of dust, glue and contaminants on the printhead, ensuring a longer engine life.

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