Z408 Pi: a new system for strong pigmented inks!

Z408 Pi is a DOD system designed to print with strong pigmented inks, born of the evolution of model ModulPrint Pi. Whilst being provided with the revolutionary management software Orkestra® and offering the new functionalities introduced with Z408 system, it maintains its predecessor’s main characteristics.


These special printheads have been developed to allow the ink’s total recirculation when the printer is in standby (in other words, not printing). This is possible thanks to innovative teflon hydraulic connections, “quick release” hydraulic fittings, product sensor with metric M12 connector and purge button with IP67 environmental protection. NZP printheads are available in the 7, 16 and 32 versions, and can print up to a maximum height of 120 mm.


The printer’s exclusive hydraulic circuit, entirely made of stainless steel, is provided with a specific stirrer for strong pigmented inks and a high performance circulating pump. These two devices ensure the fluid’s automatic and continuous mixing, preventing the pigment from creating deposits which, in the long run, may degenerate into obstructions and impair the system’s proper functioning. The practical clamp system makes it easy to open, close and refill the large ink tank, which has a maximum capacity of 12 litres and is equipped with a low ink level signal.


The new Z408 Pi console has been provided with special cables, through which it can be connected to the hydraulic circuit with stirrer, to the circulating pump, to the ink level sensor, to the NZP printheads and to other signals. Moreover, the console is based on the Orkestra® software, which allows it to “dialogue” with the aforementioned parts. Z408 Pi can drive up to 2 7 dot NZP printheads, or 2 16 dot NZP printheads, or 2 32 dot printheads. The solid and compact external structure, made of AISI 304 stainless steel, ensures the printer’s perfect integration in any working environment, including the harshest ones.


Z408 Pi produces its best results on steel, plastic and rubber surfaces, therefore it is particularly recommended for the estrusion, automotive and metal sectors. The use of fast dry and high adhesion pigmented inks allows it to print long-lasting high contrast messages even in the most difficult conditions.

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