We have restructured our website!

Dear partners,

have you noticed it…? Our website has had some small big changes. Just like when you change one ingredient to a recipe and, in the end, the final result is much better.

Maybe, for the less attentive, this transformation went unnoticed, but for others it has been impossible not to notice it!

We have restructured our website!

We have improved the web-usability, defines as a set of guidelines and good programming rules to be followed through the eyes of the user. Actually, these measures make the user navigation more efficient and effective. Also, they minimize any frustrations arising from errors and make the navigation in line with marketing objectives.

So, paying particular attention to precise logics (described below) we have tried to make the user experience more pleasant and successful.

Let’s explain how we have changed the website:

1) ​What do we do? Let’s be even more clear! We have inserted a welcome message that explains immediately what we do and simultaneously shows our long-term experience on the market. Moreover, we have highlited the product categories  putting them directly onto the main menu. No complicated maze to get to our products. Now, at eyes height, what we produce is immediately visible.

2) Stimulating the call-to-action. That means making the passive user… active (and, together with him, the website becomes active too). Today, the marketing objective is increasing the possibilities to get in touch with the new potential customers, rapidly and avoiding the hitches. Great NEWS: we have inserted a fast contact form in the menu, assuring continuous presence and immediate response. Zanasi: TOP service!

3) Redistributing the information. All the information has been shaked and repositioned in order to be in line with the points explained above. In this way they are easily traceable too. The searchbar has been redesigned so that a disagreeable non-result can be a contact opportunity too! Try to search for some incomprehensible word like ​‘Xxxjjjkkk123’ now…

Zanasi has learnt that the customer’s lived experience will always be an added value. For this reason, a concept like usability must be applied both on the product and the website… and Orkestra® is an example.

Then we are implementing the SEO activity too, but this is another tale…

Zanasi Staff

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