Case History


Illva Saronno

Illva_SaronnoIn order to improve its logistic management, ILLVA Saronno has recently conduct a meticulous analysis concerning the needs and the problems connected with the management of the specific packaging for every export country. Once again, Zanasi was the best solution for ILLVA Saronno’s requirements. Thanks to GraphJET system, Zanasi routed its biggest competitors. GraphJET delivers the best technical features and the highest fl exibility in its segment.


Monari Federzoni

Monari_FederzoniA worthy example of a Made in Italy partnership, a relationship tying two Italian realities capable of achieving significant results on the global market, both well rooted in the same territory; the Modena area.

It is easy to imagine how the needs, when it comes to the coding of Monari Federzoni, which operates in 50 countries, and is often subjected to rules regarding the traceability of the different types of food products, be many and inflexible.

This is why Monari Federzoni asked Zanasi for a coding system that would not only guarantee efficient, long lasting performance, but that could also manage a secondary packaging unit that is practically completely neutral.



Italcementi italcementiThrough a technical selection and an international tender, Italcementi Group S.p.A set forth its need of coding production batch and expiry date on paper sacks/bags containing its most innovative product. It’s a cement that is mixed with organic components that fix the expiry.


Ceramic Tiles

Apadana Ceram Apadana_CeramApadana Ceram is one of the biggest and leading ceramic company in the world. The Iranian group produces 3 main types of tiles: glazed porcelain tileg unglazed porcelain tile and glazed wall tile (double fi ring). To be able to manufacture all these kinds of products, Apadana Ceram has always adopted the best technologies. Among them, there are the Zanasi ink-jet printers, equipments adopted since along time ago also by the main Italian partner of Apadana Ceram: Cooperativa Ceramica dí Imola.



Bix Produce Company Fresh cutsBix Produce Company, St. Paul, MN, is a leader in specialty produce distribution throughout the Twin Cities metro area, greater Minnesota, western Wisconsin, and eastern North Dakota and Iowa. The company’s product lines include quality bulk and pre-cut fruits and vegetables, dairy items, and various other food items for foodservice outlets such as restaurants, hotels, educational institutions, and country clubs. Bix integrated the Model Z640Plus Hi-Resolution system for printing their boxes. The high-resolution on-case printing system eliminates the need to use costly labels.


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