Z101 LITE: the little genius restyled

Z101 LITE inizio articolo

An important restyling of Z101 system gave birth to Z101 LITE, the brand new Zanasi DOD entry level model. Though fully replacing its predecessor, Z101 LITE displays the same main features and perfect balance between technique and design, thus proving an effective tool, able to satisfy the most diverse printing requirements.



From the structural point of view, Z101 LITE is extremely simple and compact: the printer’s heart is enclosed in a robust and light stainless steel cabinet, to which the printhead is directly connected. Weighing less than 3 Kg, the system is very easy to use and can be integrated on every production line.



The system, which is particularly suitable for coding alphanumeric texts and symbols on the porous and non-porous surfaces of raw materials and secondary packaging (boxes, cartons, packages, bags, tanks, plastic buckets and the like), is provided with a rotating printhead, allowing to obtain a single text line whose height can be freely adjusted between 7 and 20 mm. The printing experience is guided by an intuitive user interface, managed through a 5,7″ touch-screen.



The firmness of Z101 LITE lies in the hydraulic system’s restyling: thanks to the integrated compressed air system, set-up and use are even easier!



Within its category, Z101 LITE is the system offering the best price/quality ratio. The renowned and robust high efficiency and accuracy solenoid printhead technology guarantees very low cost-per-print and initial investment.


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