DrinkTec 2013: Zanasi opens the news for beverage!

On the occasion of our first 35 years, Zanasi celebrates and opens the news for beverage sector at DrinkTec exhibition. Zanasi spared no expense and showed a worldwide news to all visitors: the innovative high definition system Z640Plus.

In accordance with DrinkTec themes, environmental sustainability, saving, flexibility, technology at marketing disposal, the new Z640Plus printing system can change a simple packaging in a marketing and communication tool. It can print any alphanumerics, graphics and barcodes in very high resolution on all porous and non-porous substrates. Z640Plus features 3 years guarantee and a lifespan of over 10 years.

Zanasi Staff at DrinkTec

During the show, Mr. Andrea Borsari, International Sales manager, gave several interviews for journalists from all over the world. They were most impressed by the wide solution range of Zanasi company with customized software and leading inks for the modern production lines:

Z5000IVS (Integrated Vision System) for companies which need to verify the message after-printing;

BIO ink produced with 100% vegetal derived solvents for new eco-friendly projects;

– a new revolutionary programming software with a simple and intuitive interface.

All bottles, tetrapak, cans, tanks, clusters, wraps, trays, shrinkwraps, corrugated or coated packaging can be customized with made in Italy Zanasi coding solution!

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