In 35 Years we have…

  • 01/08/2015

    …saved 149.000 trees recommending our customers to use the Z640 system instead of labels.

    The direct printing on the packaging has a great economic advantage, given by the opportunity to reduce the packaging storage to the minimum, with a five times higher saving compared to the label use. The innovative HD Z640Plus system has been created to meet the communication needs of secondary packaging. It prints and valorize every packaging […]

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  • 05/30/2014

    …promoted the Italian word “ZANASI” in more than 90 countries in the world.

    The story of Zanasi began in September 1978 when, with typical Italian foresight, the brothers ZANASI started to produce the first systems of coding and marking “made in Italy”. Since then, ZANASI has always invested in the corporate setting, technological research and manufacturing expertise, characteristics of the Italian headquarters till today. Nowadays the company is […]

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