30 mayo 2014

…promoted the Italian word “ZANASI” in more than 90 countries in the world.

The story of Zanasi began in September 1978 when, with typical Italian foresight, the brothers ZANASI started to produce the first systems of coding and marking “made in Italy”.


Since then, ZANASI has always invested in the corporate setting, technological research and manufacturing expertise, characteristics of the Italian headquarters till today. Nowadays the company is one among the excellences and keeps on designing and implementing Industrial Ink-Jet systems entirely on the Italian territory.

This strategic choice allowed to ensure quality control, strengthen the presence on the spot and face a competitive confrontation on international markets. Then the company began to look for work abroad, particularly in emerging markets such as the countries of South America and South East Asia, exporting the design and the most recent Italian technologies.


Through this evolution process, the company expanded in Minneapolis (USA), Valencia (Spain) and Guangzhou (China), creating a distribution network in 90 countries worldwide, working more and more on site on all these markets.

With the second generation ZANASI, the challenge continues. In order to transfer the spirit of resourcefulness and creativity of Italian entrepreneurship and to turn the ideas of the younger generation into innovation, the company has hired young talents.

Visit our Headquarters in Sassuolo and our Branches in Milan and Avellino, a permanent showroom provided with our products is available for you to touch with hand the Italian quality.

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